Phony Complaints and Reviews on Reputation Management Companies - Must Stop!

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Please do not trust any of the complaints you see about reputation management companies on this site or others like it.

There is an individual out there who has been posting false complaints on companies for the last four months all over the internet. He is operating out of the Austin and Laredo Texas areas and manages and owns about 50 different reputation management websites. We would post them all here, but this person will only close them down and open up new ones to avoid detection.

This man has previously spent time in federal prison and is very reckless and dangerous. He has smeared just about every other online reputation management company in the industry in an attempt to divert business his way. Additionally, he is operating "reputation review" websites where he is simply reposting his own fictitious complaints under the guise of legitimate reviews. Some of these include: ireputation reviews rate reputation companies reputation compare

We will be filing complaints with the FBI Cyber Crimes division (Texas Field Offices) along with the Texas Attorney General and hopefully this man will be stopped and appropriate action will be taken.



I think you are wrong. owns and is posting fake reviews about themselves.I worked with reputationarmor so I know this for a fact

Reputation Management - *** artist

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Not resolved promises first page rankings on Google, MSN, Yahoo and 200 other search engines.Up to 400 keywords Guaranteed!

Money back Guaranteed!However, once you buy the service at Reputation management that's when you find out the truth, they only guarantee one or more of your 400 keywords to be on First page of Google, MSN, Yahoo and 200 other search engines.This is strictly false and misleading advertisement don't trust Reputationmanagement!I requested a full refund

and still have not received a reply.So, beware to all consumers looking for search engine marketing services that want money upfront.

Review about: Search Engine Marketing Services.


#111271 number is 877-241-7613


I used they are great

Reputation Management - I have been duped by

Akron, Ohio 3 comments
Not resolved

I have been duped by I have been duped by hired them around 2 months ,and of course they charged me with a payment of 3000 dollars, but i did not get any services in return, none what so ever.

I can't think of a worser company than reputationmanagementfor.

I hope I can get my money back because this was a bad decision I made.For further notice yes reputationmanagementfor is rip off a scam and they are not to be trusted.Do not be a victim of reputationmanagementfor it's a total scam

Review about: Reputation Management.



We have investigated this complaint and can find no evidence of any customer with these details or who has been charged this amount. We have concluded that this complaint is a hoax designed to besmirch our company name and reputation.

We are happy to discuss this case with the reviewer if he is prepared to contact us, but without any contact or contract details it is impossible for us or any reader of the complaint to verify the facts behind the complaint.

We have full contact details for our company on our website, including address and telephone numbers. Any customer who has a genuine complaint with regard to services provided and who can justifiably demonstrate that they have not received services paid for will naturally receive a full refund from us.


This fictional "customer" also posted his bogus complaint on ripoff report where it has been rebutted.

Complaints should be substantiated to be valid especially where the complaint is made by a company rather than an individual. We do not provide services to consumers so there is no justification for a complaint to be hidden with the result that readers of this website cannot investigate or understand the nature or basis of the complaint.

We post full contact details on our website and do not hide behind web forms. Our names and details are similarly posted.


1. We charge in GBP and not Dollars

2. Our contracts are min 6 months not 2

3. Great example of how these sites are used by competition trying to trash a companies reputation.

Nice try pal ;-)

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